370W Bench Drill Press 5-Speed Workshop Metal Drilling Operation Table Stand

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  • Featuring five speed variable RPM settings, a 13mm solid stainless steel chuck and a powerful 370W motor, this bench mounted unit offers the torque, components and versatility required to execute a range of drilling tasks through a whole host of materials.
  • Its 50mm depth adjustable drill travel is accompanied by a sturdy height adjustable work table, accommodating the various types of objects to be drilled and the precision required.
  • Moreover, the work table is also angle adjustable to 45° in either direction.
  • The three spoke handle works in harmony with the rack and pinion spindle feed to produce a clean and fluid press. Its length adjustable chuck guard offers user protection and is also designed to be set out of the way for exposed drilling. For further protection, the DP13 also comes fitted with dust protected No Vault Release (NVR) switches, so no restart will occur once power is restored after an outage.


  • Motor: 370W
  • Chuck: 13mm Stainless Steel
  • Drill Travel: 50mm
  • Drill Throat: 100mm
  • Variable Speeds: 50Hz- 620 / 920 / 1280 / 1750 / 2620 RPM 60Hz- 740 / 1100 / 1530 / 2100 / 3140 RPM
  • Spindle Feed: Rack and Pinion
  • Base: Cast Iron
  • Switches: Dust Protected NVR
  • Product Weight: 13kg

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