5 Gallon / 20L Bead Blaster Tyre Air Tank Tire Inflator Seater 4WD Car Shop Tool

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  • The 5-gallon cheetah bead seater makrs seating the most difficult bead not only safe but also simple,fast and economical.
  • As the most popular bead seater model, the CH-5 has an ASME certified tank designed for commercial use on all tires, ATV to 24.5″ truck tires, and is now available in lighter weight aluminum.
  • The optional Magnum Barrel I is helpful in seating them beads on larger diameter wheels due to a wider distribution of the air blast.
  • Lightweight,rugged construction with fitting on top of tank for protection.

Tank Material 3mm High Carbon Steel
This item requires some assembly
Tank capacity:20L (5.3gal)
Working Pressure:0.8MPa~1.0MPa
Product weight: 11KG