The jig saw blades are made with premium quality HCS and HSS for enhanced quality and precise cuts

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  • 12 different types of hooks and organizers for a variety of hanging applications. Total 120 PCS
  • Made of hardened steel construction, corrosion-resistant chrome plating finish to provide maximum strength, resist rust and corrosion. Ensures long lasting durability.
  • Made for 1/8 inch and 1/4 inch pegboard. Keep tools organized and ready
  • Ideal for storage solutions on a wide range of garage, workbench, workshop, kitchen basement, shop, school, tool sheds, factory, or warehouse.
120 Piece | 12 different types
4Pcs Large Curved Pegboard Hooks
14Pcs Small Curved Pegboard Hooks
26Pcs Large L Angled Pegboard Hooks
14Pcs Small L Angled Pegboard Hooks
28Pcs Small V Angled Pegboard Hooks
2Pcs Pegboard Pliers Holder
4Pcs Large Double Straight Pegboard Hook
2Pcs Small Double Straight Pegboard Hook
10Pcs Long Straight Pegboard Hooks
12Pcs Short Straight Pegboard Hooks
2Pcs 6 Ring Tool Holder
2Pcs 6 Multi-Tool Rack
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